Indications Your Horse Needs A Veterinarian Visit

Indications Your Horse Needs A Veterinarian Visit

Horses are amazing animals that can make an excellent addition to your family, as they are extremely loyal, smart, and great travel companions. If you are a current horse owner, you have likely come to understand their behavior and habits. So, if anything seems off, this may indicate that your horse needs a visit to the vet. Carter Veterinary Services is here to provide you with some signs that your horse may need to pay us a visit.Contact us today for more information.

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As a large animal vet, one of the most common ailments we see in horses is fevers. A horse’s temperature, similar to humans, should fall between the normal range of 99-101 degrees Fahrenheit. If your animal is running above these temps, this may indicate that its body is fighting an infection or sickness. Have us take a look, as we may administer antibiotics to help bring their fever down!

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Cuts or Punctures

If your horse has a visible injury such as a cut or puncture, they may require our equine veterinary services. The last thing you want is for this injury to become infected, as these infections can quickly spread and worsen. Your horse may also require stitches, a service that we at Carter Veterinary Services can complete!

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Eye Injuries

If you notice that your horse's eyes seem teary, red, cloudy, or they are constantly fidgeting with their eyelid, this may indicate an eye injury. These injuries can be extremely painful, so it is best to contact a professional as soon as possible!

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Inability to Stand

If your horse is having trouble standing, this may be the result of a serious sickness or various other issues. Your horse may be labored on their feet or stagger as they walk, which is never a good sign in such a large animal. Help them feel better by bringing them to us as soon as possible!


These are just a few of the many signs that indicate the possible need for equine veterinary services. If there is any situation that you can not handle as an owner, it is best to seek professional help with us at Carter Veterinary Services. We offer 24/7 emergency services, so contact us today!

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