Sheep Vs Goats: Which One Should You Get?

Sheep Vs Goats: Which One Should You Get?

Although sheep and goats are similar in size, there are marked differences between them that are important to understand before deciding to invest in them. After all, the last thing you want is to choose the wrong animals for you. Carter Veterinary Services is a large animal vet in the Lowcountry. Below, we'll go over some things to consider when deciding between sheep or goats for your farm or backyard. Contact us today.

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Determine Your Goals

Decide what your motivation is in keeping sheep or goats. Are you looking for production animals? If so, goats would be a good choice for meat and milk. Are you looking for a companion animal for your horse? Goats fit this bill. Are you looking for a show animal? Sheep are great animals for this purpose. Get clear on your goals before you buy sheep or goats.

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Determine Your Breed

There are many different breeds of both goats and sheep that you should consider, each with different characteristics that may play into your goals. For example, Hampshire and Suffolk sheep are great for meat, while dairy goats include Alpine and LaMancha. Availability of these breeds may play into your decision as well.

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Determine Your Equipment Needs

Both goats and sheep will require different types of equipment if you are planning on monetizing them. Sheep will need a place to shear and all the gear that entails, while goats will need a milking operation if you are going that route. Equipment needs and costs all play a role in which animal you choose.

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Temperament and Overall Preference

Ultimately, the decision between sheep and goats may come down to which one you like the most. Spend some time around each if you haven't already and talk to others who own them. Find out their quirks and nuances and see which ones you want to add to your farm or backyard for the long-term. Like any animal, it's best to research before you learn the hard way.


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