Holiday Horse Care Tips

Holiday Horse Care Tips

The holidays are here and that means non-stop activity for most. Between shopping for presents, cooking large family meals, attending holiday parties, and spending quality time with our loved ones, your horse can be easily neglected. Carter Veterinary Services offers large animal care, including equine care, throughout the Lowcountry. Below, we'll offer up some holiday horse care tips to remember during this busy season. Schedule an appointment today.


Keep Up With Exercise

When you're busy, the first things to go can be your pleasures, such as riding your horse. However, your horse needs exercise year round and giving them a few months off does not benefit their overall health. Try to keep up with your regular exercise schedule; however, if that's not possible, try to at least exercise your horse once a week.


Spend Quality Time with Your Horse, Too

Many horse owners don't mean to forget about their horse during the holiday season; it just happens. If you find yourself going too long between seeing your horse, you'll need to make a conscious effort to stop by their stall and give them extra attention. Bring them a treat, take them for a quick walk or a quick ride, or just stop by to say hi. Your horse will appreciate it!


Find Great Care When You're Away

If you plan on traveling during the holiday season, you'll want to plan early for horse care while you are away. Many horse boarding facilities are booked in advance for the holiday season, which is why the sooner you plan ahead, the better. If you are planning on finding a horse sitter, take the time to thoroughly vet them on their horse experience so you can have peace of mind while you are away.


Don't Overdo the Treats

The holidays are traditionally a time when many people indulge their sweet tooth and eat foods they normally do not. However, horses do not need a plethora of treats, and, in fact, this can be extremely bad for their health. Bring your horse a treat every now and then, but don't shovel buckets full of extra goodies into their troughs every morning.


Our equine vets love the holidays as much as you do. Here at Carter Veterinary Services, we take pride in ensuring your horse has the best general and specialty care possible, from diagnostic imaging to seasonal vaccines, no matter the season. We offer 24/7 emergency horse care, so you can have peace of mind that if something happens to your horse, we'll be there. If you are interested in our horse veterinary services during the holidays or any time, give us a call today.

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