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General medicine includes everything from annual physical examinations, routine vaccinations, dental exams, fecal exams, routine de-worming programs, hoof care consultations, elective surgery, and 24/7 emergency services. Talk to your veterinarian at Carter Veterinary Services today to help you determine the ideal vaccine and de-worming program for your horse, herd, or barn.

Nutrition is another crucial aspect of preventative health care and encompasses balancing your horse’s dietary needs for roughage and concentrates. No matter what life stage or activity level, your veterinarian at Carter Veterinary Services is happy to refer you to the right feeding program. Managing your horse’s nutrition is critical to all aspects of maintenance, performance, and aides in the prevention of many diseases.

Finally remember that your annual to bi-annual dental exams are a very important part of your preventative care plan. A horse’s teeth affect proper chewing, digestion, nutrient absorption, and can even influence performance. See more about our dental services on the Dentistry page.

In-house Blood Work

Blood tests are an important part of the process by which veterinarians can assess the health and well being of their equine patients

Neurologic Examinations


Ophthalmic Examinations

Horses’ eyes are extremely delicate, and this, combined with the horse’s dependence on the sense of sight, means that any sign of a potential eye problem should be treated immediately.

Insurance Examinations

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