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5 Fun Games to Play With Your Cat

Have you ever seen a picture of a sad-looking cat? That cat could use some attention. What about your own cat? You don’t want them to be sad or bored, do you? If they had their own way, they’d probably want to play with you more. Why not oblige them a bit? Cats love to play! Read on to learn about some of their favorite games!

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#1: Feather & String

Let’s start this list out with a classic — the feather and string. This is the perfect game for a cat with a lot of pent up energy. This game simply entails buying or making a DIY wand with a string attached on the end, and at the end of that string attaching a feather or a bell. Waving this wand around looks like prey to cats. This simple game can absorb them for quite a while, especially if you make the feather move around like a mouse or a bird. Make sure you put the feather and string away after playing with them though, as you don’t want them swallowing the string out of enthusiasm when your back is turned.

#2: Fetch

Contrary to popular belief, most cats love playing fetch. This game is not just for dogs — your cat’s instincts drive them to want to catch prey. Consider filling up a toy with catnip and tossing it across the floor. Make sure it’s not too big, or else your kitty won’t be able to carry in in their mouth. You may be surprised to discover that your feline friend may bring it back to you after they capture their bouncy prey. Be sure to reinforce this behavior by giving them treats, petting, and praising them.

#3: Hide-and-Seek

Another game that unleashes the inner predator of your cat is hide-and-seek. Watch in amusement as your cute kitten or cat stalks you as if you were their prey.

#4: Paper Bag

One of the nice things about pets like cats is that they don’t care about expensive gifts. Give them a paper bag and they’ll have a blast. Who needs a fancy three-level scratching post when you have an empty brown-paper shopping bag?! Simply lay the bag on its side and watch them crawl in and poke their noses out. If you scratch or poke the sides of the bag when they are in it, they will bat at the movement and noises from inside.

#5: The Cardboard Box

The cardboard box is, according to our panel of cat judges, the pinnacle of cat toys. It’s a well-known fact that cats love boxes. This is a fact that baffles many cat owners — you buy them a new bed or a cool toy and they seem to prefer the packaging that it came in more than the gift. Why do cats love cardboard boxes so much? For a number of reasons:

  1. Cardboard boxes are safe — They provide your cat a place of shelter where they can deal with their stress by hiding from their problems. You may laugh at this, but cats have worries and are uncertain about things just like you. Giving them a private, enclosed space like a cardboard box makes them feel more in control of their lives and safe.

  2. Cardboard boxes are interesting — Cats are notoriously curious. Give them a box and they’ll want to know what’s inside.

  3. Cardboard boxes are the perfect texture — Cardboard boxes are like soft wood to cats. It’s the perfect material to bite and scratch, and for those reasons can be enormous fun. A plain old box for your cat can make for a fascinating toy that can keep them entertained for days.

A Few 10-Minute Play Sessions A Day

Play with your cat(s) a few times a day for ten minutes or so to keep them happy and stimulated. All of these games are simple to play and take up little of your time. Ideally, you should be playing with your cat about a half-hour a day. Even if you have a busy schedule, try and incorporate these games into your schedule to help your cat be happy, mentally stimulated, and not fat. Best of all? You will be spending more time with your feline friend.

For more tips and advice about playing with your cat, reach out to Carter Veterinary Services in the Lowcountry and speak with a member of our staff.